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[PZD2(W)] Intelligent high frequency switching DC power supply panel

PZD2(W) Series Intelligent Type High Frequency DC Switching Power Supply Panel is a new generation of self-operation power supply system developed by ECC as per national standards DL/T459 – 2000 and JB/T 5777.4 – 2000 involving general purpose technical conditions and safety requirements for DC power supplies in electrical systems.  With many years’ successful development and manufacturing experiences in the field of DC power supply systems, ECC integrates high frequency switching technology with computer technology in this product as a whole resulting in a high quality DC switching power supply featuring “remote control, remote measurement, remote communication and remote regulation” functions.  Its power output unit is modularly and redundantly (N + 1) designed, supervising unit may be formed by high performance and quick PLC or PC just as required, and display operating unit is made of new type man-machine interface touching screen.  As a matter of fact, it is competently and widely applied in self-operation places such as power plants and substations up to 500kV.
Working conditions
1  Altitude not over 3000 meters above sea level;
2  Ambient temperature ranging from -5℃ to +55℃;
3  Relative humidity of daily average not greater than 90%;
4  No severe vibration nor shock nor powerful electromagnetic field interference;
5  Places where there are no heavy dust, no potential explosion medium, no adverse gases to corrode metals and damage insulation, no conductive particles, no severe moulds;
6  Inclination against verticality not greater than 5°.
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