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Title : New process tracking, custom cabinets for AMETEK
Update : 2013/7/16 11:35:15      Count : 2759
      AMETEK CO., LTD. is a world’s leading electronic instruments and motor manufacturers. Their sales is nearly $2.1 billion every year. Shanghai Guodian Metal Sheet Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a subordinate of Shanghai China-science Electric (Group) Co., Ltd, and is very pleased to accept the special custom enclosure of AMETEK company.

    Due to the special customer required the production of casing material, using the traditional argon arc welding will cause deformation of the enclosure. After Shanghai Guodian company researching, in order to avoid welding deformation, the workmanship has be imported the cold welding machine. Using cold welder welding when welding on products, then the products has no deformation after welding is complete, the bite edge and residual stress is all good. The customer is very satisfied.

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