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Title : Mr. Chen Lei, ECC Board Chairman and President, was published on the
Update : 2013/2/26 10:42:00      Count : 2877
      The "Oriental Hui" magazine is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Federation (Association) of enterprises in Shanghai and Shanghai City Herald Media Limited participation. It’s issued for the Shanghai municipal government institutions directly under the central government agencies in Shanghai, the well-known state-owned enterprises in Shanghai institutions, leading private enterprises, as well as provincial and municipal chambers of commerce groups. It’s about the culture, wealth, legal, life from different angles, both unique and innovative international perspective and enlightening color information guide, passing high-end taste, humane care. It is a real foothold business community-oriented elite, Service Member units Magazine.

    Published on January 30, 2013 "Oriental Hui " magazine, made an exclusive interview with Mr. Chen Lei, ECC Board Chairman and President. And Chen Lei elected as the cover of "Oriental Hui" magazine of Jan. 2013.


    "Oriental Hui " magazine published "no innovation would be no development" in the title, and the forward-looking ideas, innovation, style of management, restructuring and development, future development, comprehensive interpretation of the course of development of ECC in content. It showed reader about business managers of personal charm, a successful business and a wise manager.


    "Oriental Hui " magazine is focused on the depth of the excavation of the enterprise mission to create wealth, share the wealth of elite wisdom. And its information is comprehensive, accurate, reported authority. This time, Chen Lei, chairman can be elected as the cover of the magazine, not only improve personal popularity and influence, it is the affirmation of the good corporate image of the ECC

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