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ECC News
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   2013-11-11  CEO of Hamilton Company Visited ECC   
   2013-07-16  New process tracking, custom cabinets for AMETEK  
   2013-05-29  Close together, create brilliant -- ECC group and New Zealand AuCom company signing cer…  
   2013-02-26  Mr. Chen Lei, ECC Board Chairman and President, was published on the   
   2011-02-22  ECC was Granted as Advanced Collective in the activity of Ideals & Contribution
   2011-01-06  Group of high-tech products appear China ship design construction technology exhibition  
   2010-11-09  Leaders from Hongkou District Came to Visit ECC Themselves  
   2010-10-19  Chairman of Jiangsu Antai Power Machinery Co., Ltd Visted ECC  
   2010-10-18  Leaders of Shanghai Enterprises Union Came to Visit ECC  
   2009-11-19  Opening Ceremony Solemnly Held
   2009-11-19  Best wishes to our motherland
   2008-12-12  Kongsberg Maritime Visited ECC
   2008-12-11  Development of Marine Cubicle In a Hurry
   2008-12-02   ECC Reputation of Contract Credit AAA Grade Renewal
   2008-12-02  Leaders from Zhoupu Town Nanhui District Come to ECC Themselves
   2008-11-20  Establishment of Shanghai China–Science Electric Group
   2008-11-10  ECC at China International Industry Fair 2008
   2008-10-24  Areva Indonesia visits ECC Industrial Zone
   2008-10-24  Focusing on training for skill exploitation
   2008-10-20  ECC system operation validity audited by China Quality Certification Center successfully
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